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Mission Statement:

Providing education on sustainable building to youth, communities and affiliated building and planning organizations by demonstrating applied building techniques and illustrating the benefits of conservation, efficiency and emerging technology in the rapidly changing field of sustainable building science.

The Central Coast Green Building Council, in collaboration with it's many talented, hard working affiliates, associates and volunteers, is proud to present  BuildSMART (Sustainable Materials and Resources Trailer). The trailer is a mobile learning resource that demonstrates sustainable living/working environments, illustrating superior green building methods. 

BuildSMART is outfitted with a variety of durable material displays, installations and energy efficient systems. Examples of exhibited materials and systems include but are not limited to: sustainable flooring, recycled countertops, non-toxic insulation, and anti-microbial wallboards as well as solar PV, tankless water heating and a variety of highly efficient energy and water conservation methods.

Since the Earth Day 2010 roll-out of the Central Coast Green Building Council mobile resource center, an estimated 50,000+ people have experienced BuildSMART!

View the layout of the BuildSMART in the BuildSMART Plan

Have you visited the Build SMART Trailer in the past? 

Here's the 

  Materials List   

we display inside the trailer and suggested local dealers to purchase the materials from.

 You can download the list at no charge and use it as a guide for your next project!

Thank You to our Build SMART Sponsors

For information about how to become a Build SMART Sponsor, please contact 

Build Smart Tour Schedule: 

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